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Collaborative Environmental Regeneration of Port cities: Bay of Elefsina 2020

The Elefsina Port Authority (coordinator) in collaboration with the MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network, the Municipalities of Elefsina and Aspropyrgos, the Prefecture of West Attica, the Urban Environment Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens, the Port Authority LIFE Environment program "Collaborative Environmental Renaissance in Cities-Ports: The Gulf of Eleusis in 2020". An important contribution to the implementation of the program is the co-financing from the industries of the region, TITAN Cement, Steel and Hellenic Shipyards Scaramanga.


1) Dissemination – Transfer of experiences and knowledge

1. Production of posters and brochures in central parts of Elefsina in March 2006.

2. Website of the program in January 2007.

3. Training seminars on environmental management of ports in February 2007 in Elefsina and at the end of April 2007 in Valencia.

2) Formation of a Common Vision through collaborative processes – Committee of Social Partners

1. DCV Process Plan – Document approved by the Commission on project design details, corporate meeting locations, and organizational structure of collaborative processes.

2. Functioning of the committee of social partners at the municipal level – Neighborhood Committee ELEFSIS 2020.

3. The Elefsis 2020 Neighborhood Committee has met 5 times (18/11/2005, 21/02/2006, 20/03/2006, 07/06/2006, 06/07/2006) to discuss all pilot projects and urban regeneration, provided by the program, developing an unprecedented collaborative process.

3) Program Management and Reporting in the EU.

1. Opening meeting of the program in Elefsis at the beneficiary’s premises on 17 and 18/11/2005.

2. Meeting of transnational partners in Valencia.

3. Delivery of the Mid-term report as well as the financial status and progress of the project to the European Commission in April 2007.

4. Final meeting of the partners in September 2008.

5. Delivery of the Final Report as well as the financial status and progress of the project to the European Commission in November 2008.

4) Urban Renaissance Projects

1. Commencement of the meetings of the ‘Elefsis 2020 Neighborhood Committee’ and recommendation of proposals for the construction of projects in November 2005.

2. Completion of the mechanical and architectural research for the construction of the projects in January 2006.

3. Preliminary construction works start in February 2006 and their completion in March 2006.

4. Start of construction works in April 2006.

5. Completion of the renovation of the Cultural and Environmental Renaissance center in July 2006.

6. Completion of construction works in March 2008.

7. Official launch to the public in June 2008.

5) Youth Awareness and Education

1. 1st presentation at school in January 2005.

2. Completion of the renovation of the cultural and environmental information center with the participation of schools in July 2006.

3. Distribution of educational material to schools in October 2006.

4. 1st visit to the cultural/environmental center in October 2006.

5. Written art competition of students. The students’ works will be presented at the Center for Environmental and Cultural Information at the end of the year 2006-2007.

6) Environmental Management of the Port of Elefsis

1. Establishment of an environment office within the O.L.E. SA in November 2005.

2. Visit of the staff of the environment office of O.L.E. at the Valencia Port Authority in May 2006.

3. Public presentation of the prevailing situation in E.P.A. since the entry in the Port of the EMAS register in May 2007.

4. EMAS certification ceremony, public presentation, and press conference in May 2008.

5. Establishment of a company or other form of cooperation for the implementation / certification of the EMAS register in Greece and South-Eastern Europe in September 2008.

7) Dangerous Goods Transfer Monitoring System

1. Installation of the AIS system on pilot ships and cargo ships in March 2006

2. Installation of the land station in June 2006.

3. Start of operation of the pilot system and database in October 2006.

4. Launch of a system achievement survey in June 2008.

5. Completion of the survey and reference to the experience gained in June 2008.