Social Green port dimension

Since shipping accounts for over 90% of world trade, it is a means of transport that is closely linked to globalization, growth and the well-being of the peoples. It is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport as it emits only 2.7% of global pollutants. In recent years efforts have been made to create environmentally friendly ports. These ports are designated as Green Harbors and are based on specific guiding principles.

The Port Authority of Elefsis S.A., in addition to its management role, has a social role and aims to create compensatory benefits for the local community facing serious problems (environment, development, unemployment, green). In the wider area of Elefsis are currently operating some of the largest industrial units in Greece. This is an area with many problems, such as environmental pollution and economic degradation. Elefsis has a very important sea front which was previously a degraded zone instead of being a pole of attraction and growth unlike any other seaside town where the beach can be an attraction for investors but also a center of residential and cultural development.

The transformation of the port of Elefsis into a "green harbor" will lead to the protection of the wider community from environmentally harmful impacts of port operations and will port the port as a leader in environmental management and compliance. It will also promote sustainable development. This transition requires the use of available technology to avoid or reduce the impact on the environment and cooperation with the wider society for education and environmental sensitization.

The Port Authority of Elefsis S.A. also has a pollution response plan for all its ports of responsibility, an approved collection and management plan for solid and liquid waste ships and the necessary equipment to deal with pollution incidents. It also provides cleaning services at the ports of responsibility (Land-Sea) from solid waste.