In the section of the Port Area from the Base of the Port Authority to KEN Palace (Area around Aspropyrgos) within the ChLZ of this area are included:

An area of ​​25,000 square meters with a contiguous port, enclosed by the green boundary of the land-based harbor zone and the presently shaped coastline (11,000 m²) plus the area enclosed by the boundary line of the old estuary and the green boundary of the land port zone (14,000 m2). It borders on the area where the Port Authority building is located, North with the area of ​​59 acres of the property of Bakopoulos and eastwards with a harbor created by the pier of the Agricultural Fisheries.

Agricultural Fishing Pier: It has a 300-meter quay.

Pier against the company SIDENOR: A water supply point for island water tankers. The green line of the land-based port area defines space on the 5-acre quay against SIDENOR, east of the Merchant Navy School, which, outside of a triangular section, falls within the jurisdiction of E.P.A. SA. Its depths are 6-7 meters.

Exactly on the west is the water supply pipe and water meter of E.P.A. SA. which feeds the aquifers for the islands The landline boundary intersects the pier of the former TEXACO today and defines within the land area 4,000 square meters of the wharf. It then delimits the jets against the HALYPS plant and up to the port of PETROGAS, 400 meters shoreline with a width of 20 meters. Along the coastline, there are more than 50 years of storage and, unfortunately, so far the slags and chimneys of Halyvourgiki.

Next to the green line inside the HZAA is the green park of ELPPE. It follows the coast line along the Athens-Corinth road and it defines a large part of the Skaramangas shipyards within the HZZ, reaching the boundary of KEN. Cartridge belt.

At the section along the Athens-Corinth street, there are the three piers of Hellenic Petroleum SA. which are subject to the development law. However, the sea area around them is under the jurisdiction of E.P.A. according to Law 2971/01, so any exploitation of this eg the stay of ships for any delivery of waste (liquid and solid) should be done with the consent of the Agency.

After the Hellenic Propulsion Plugs and the boundaries where the piers of the Skaramagas Shipyards begin, we find a small harbor where an inbuilt building, used by the local fishermen, is found. This area is suitable for shelter of fishing boats for harboring or repairing.

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