It is a harbor that hosts small fishing boats as well as pleasure boats. The area of the port is about 15.700 square meters with a 50 meter wide opening to the south. The winding pier is 150 meters long, while the leeward is 50 meters long. There is also a pier with a chapel and a small quay of a total length of 75 meters and a section of 35 meters with boulders. The island of Pachi is located within 500 meters of the assembled land area of the harbor and can be used for tourism. (Intervention 34, see p.116, Art., Drawing 2.4) The mosques can accommodate the dredging of small cruise ships. To the west of the harbor, on an area of 4 acres, there is an approved marina for pleasure boats and a land area of 4 acres. It should be noted that according to Law 2971/01, beyond the Terrestrial Port Area, the Marine Zone is located within 500 meters of the coastline in front of the green belt of the Terrestrial Zone.

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