Weighing Rights

Every vehicle using the port Authority of Elefsis for the weighing of his cargo or weight control by the Port Authority or other Public Authority is obliged to pay the right to use a weighbridge. The weighing and payment of the relevant right, for goods moving from the port area, whose handling or storage charges are calculated on the basis of their weight, is obligatory. In addition to the above cases, the port Authority of Elefsis may require the weighing of any cargo or car, subject to payment of the relevant fee, as part of the monitoring of the goods shipped from the port or the verification of the declared items.

For weighing of vehicles, loads, etc. in a weighbridge of , the following rights are paid.

1. Trucks with gross weight up to 10 tonnes, EUR 2.50 per weighing.

2. Trucks with a gross weight of 10 to 20 tonnes, EUR 3.50 per weighing.

3. Trucks with a gross weight of 20 to 30 tonnes, EUR 4,50 per weighing.

4. Trucks with gross weight exceeding 30 tonnes, EUR 5.50 per weighing.

Tare Weighing is charged at a 50% discount on the above prices.